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September 2007

European Court Upholds Decision to Penalize Poland for Pro-Life Law
WARSAW, September 26, 2007 ( - In June of this year, the Polish government appealed the ruling of a European Human Rights Court that ordered the largely pro-life nation to pay restitution to a woman who was not permitted to obtain an abortion under strict Polish abortion law.  According to ...
Slovak Health Ministry Revokes Hospital Abortion Law in Face of Effective "Right-to-Life" Campaign
BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, September 25, 2007 ( - "Right to Life" defenders won an impressive victory in Slovakia with the Health Ministry rescinding a law that forced all hospitals to provide abortions. Even the Slovak branch of Planned Parenthood attributed the graphic abortion truth campaign of Pravo Na Zivot for the ...
Ugandans Respond to Homosexual Lobby's Attack Against Anti-Sodomy Laws
UGANDA, September 24, 2007 ( - Dr. Martin Ssempa, spokesman for Uganda's Interfaith Rainbow Coalition Against Homosexuality (INFAH), recently blasted the pro-gay organization "Human Rights Watch" for "numerous errors and misrepresentations" in their recent letter accusing the Uganda government of human rights abuses for enforcing the country's anti-sodomy laws. "What you ...
Argentine Legislators Seek to Establish Abortion as Protected "Right"
ARGENTINA, September 18, 2007 ( - Hearings were conducted yesterday in the Argentine Congress on several measures that would protect the practice of abortion in a broad number of cases, including the "health" or life of the mother, fetal deformities, and pregnancies caused by rape. The Penal Legislation Commission of ...
Cardinal Denounces Proposal to Legalize Abortion in the Dominican Republic
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, September 10, 2007 ( Cardinal Archbishop of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, lashed out last week at politicians and groups agitating to legalize abortion in the country. When asked  about a recent proposal to legalize abortion for "therapeutic" purposes, he shot back: "No, no abortion, there is nothing ...
Russian Court Upholds Moscow Ban on Gay Pride Parade
MOSCOW, September 5, 2007 ( - A Russian Court has vindicated the city of Moscow's decision to ban Gay Pride parades. On Tuesday, Moscow's Tverskoi District Court rejected the protest filed by Pride organiser Nikolai Alekseev, ruling that the ban enforced by Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and city authorities was legal ...


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