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July 2008

CEDAW Demands Northern Ireland Drop Abortion Law
Hilary White, LifeSite News BELFAST, July 31, 2008 ( - The United Nations has issued a report demanding that Northern Ireland drop its legal protections for unborn children. The UN Committee for the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), notorious for its abortion militancy, told Northern Ireland, "The ...
Spanish Pro-Family Group Files Charges Against Homosexual Groups for
Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, LifeSite News SPAIN, July 25, 2008 ( - A Spanish pro-family activist group, HazteOir, has filed charges against the organizers of the 2008 Madrid "Gay Pride" march for "hate speech," according to the group's website. HazteOir accuses the march organizers of making hateful statements against Catholics, pro-family organizations, and ...
German Government must Recognise "Sex-Change" of Married "Transsexuals"
Hilary White, LifeSite News KARLSRUHE, Germany, July 25, 2008 ( - A German high court has ruled that those who have undergone "gender reassignment" therapy can now change their legal name and sex while they are still in legal marriages. Previously, the law only allowed the recognition of "sex-changes" if the ...
Dutch Replace Maiden Name with "Birth Name" to Accommodate Homosexual "Marriage"
Jenna Murphy, LifeSite News AMSTERDAM, July 18, 2008, ( - The Dutch civil service announced on Wednesday that the term 'maiden name' is not an appropriate legal term given the 2001 legalization of gay marriage in the Netherlands, reports the pro-homosexual news website, The traditional term for the last name of ...
Filipino Catholic Church Plans Massive National Demonstration Against Abortion Bill
Tim Waggoner, LifeSite News MANILA, Philippines, July 17, 2008 ( - The Catholic Church in the Philippines is pulling out all the stops in its efforts to fight a proposed law that would see the country legalize abortion. According to Asia News, Fr. Melvin Castro, Executive Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for ...
Abortion Decriminalization Bills Overwhelmingly Rejected in Brazilian Congress
Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, LifeSite News BRASILIA, July 11, 2008 ( - Two bills to decriminalize abortion in Brazil were defeated for the third time in recent weeks, in what may be the final blow to legislation that has been under consideration for over 17 years in the Brazilian National Congress. The latest ...


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